FAG Flex 3



Spesifications :

Flex 3  adalah alat  ukur pelat polimer Flexo.

The FAG FLEX³ reads all transparent flexo plates from 0.5% to 98% within a screen ruling range of 50 Lines/Inch up to 300 Lines/Inch. Also the total dot surface area in % of stochastic screens and hybrid screens can be measured.



FAG Flex 3 Pro



Control your Flexo process

‰ - Setup and control your laser
„ - Stain density
„ - Focus, laser power
‰ - Control your finished plate
„ - Why checking the dot with the lens is not good enough
„ - Let‘s talk about the minimum dot
‰ - Control your printing product
„ - Measure the dot size
„ - Measure the dot void






Spesifications :

FAG CORRCHECK adalah alat ukur  Flute dan Creasing dalam cetak Corrugated.

The Sensor is connected to a PC via a USB2.0 port and supplies a view of the Mechanical WASHBOARD Effect, mesure the FLUTE PROFILE and the CREASING on corrugated.

This device is the optimum tool to control the converting process.

Mechanical characteristics of corrugated, flute dimensions and liner types are key parameters for good looking packaging products.



Densitometer Vipdens C5



Vipdens C5 adalah alat ukur untuk mengukur densitometer dan warna hasil cetak (karakteristik cetak).

The fully automatic densitometer with automatic recognition of color and functions, as well as of solid, shadow and nightlight dot gain and balance patch.




Presto Delta E



The simple handy SPECTRO Densitometer for tough daily use in the printing shop gives you the most important functions for a good quality control in the printing rooms:

Density measurement with automatic color selection

Dot Gain measurement (Murray Davis) with two reference values.


Densitometer dan Spectrodensitometer

Presto DX



The FAG PRESTO DX is a  interactive spectrophotometer (measurements for 4 colour as well as for 7 colour printing) with spectrophotometric functions to be used in the press room.

The FAG PRESTO DX is as easy to use as a densitometer, resistant,  has a small measuring time (<0.4 second) and is universal because of the 7 colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Black; which means that it can be used also for special colours. Because of its spectrophotometrical functions, Lab, Lch, Delta E &

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