Hucais Printing boosts high quality digital book production with two Universe Sewing Web-fed and Inline
Hucais Printing Group, one of the top ten printing company in China, has recently invested in a Meccanotecnica’s book finishing line composed of two Universe Sewing Web-fed, automatic book folding and sewing units, and one Inline, modular and multifunctional back gluing line.

The company has already 5 Universe Sewing Sheet-fed in operation, producing thousands of high quality lay-flat sewn books every day. The new line is the innovative ROLL-to-BOOK solution for sewing books directly from the pre-printed roll. It allows cost-effective digital book production of short to medium runs thanks to “touch-less” workflow and the integration of operations such as unwinding and cutting. This means: less work to load the machines, less space to stock piles of sheets and less paper handling between printing and sewing. With this installation, the efficiency of the digital print finishing process is highly increased by reducing manpower and at the same time by increasing productivity. Typical applications produced are hard cover higher education and out-of-print books with a typical run length varying from 50 up to 400 books per title.

About Meccanotecnica Meccanotecnica Group is the world's leading manufacturer of automatic book sewing machines and lines both from offset and digital printing. Meccanotecnica has always been an innovative company: ? since the 1970s, with the introduction of the Headop signature feeder, that has revolutionized and automated the production process of the sewn book; ? continuing with the first fully automated book sewing machine, the Aster-Headop model, introduced at the beginning of the 1980s, that became the reference product of the market; ? to today's state-of-the-art solutions that meet the current requirements of printers and bookbinders. Meccanotecnica offers the widest range of book sewing machines available: from the fastest solutions on the market, asterTOP, to asterEL's “entry level” investment; from the cutting-edge gathering and sewing lines like Uniplex and Multiplex, to the new solutions for digital print finishing like Universe Sewing Sheet-fed and Web-fed. Today Meccanotecnica counts numerous installations around the world: single units that meet every need, as well as sophisticated automatic gathering and sewing lines.

We are also prepared, thanks to a profound technical knowledge, to seize and exploit the new opportunities that technological changes and innovations are presenting today's printers and bookbinders, by expanding the solutions portfolio to cover the whole book production process, with INLINE, modular and multifunctional book finishing line and TRIMMING, fully automatic three-knife trimmer. Our ultimate goal is to provide printers and bookbinders with solutions for the production of high quality books that can create value and generate profits. BOOK ... your FUTURE with Meccanotecnica. 11/12/2017 High-res images at the following link :

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