POWERFUL BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS Proven techniques to deliver impactful presentations with minimum preparation. Most public-speaking workshops ONLY teach you how deliver good presentations. The TRUTH is that when you do presentations, you are ALWAYS SELLING SOMETHING… either your company’s products, your services, or your ideas… and yet, NO public-speaking workshops teach you how to SELL IMPORTANT IDEAS TO THE AUDIENCE FROM THE STAGE…. This workshop will really save you, your TIME and your MONEY! In these workshops all participants will learn : · How to quickly PLAN for presentation so that you will always achieve the results you desire · 5 Proven techniques to OPEN your presentation to immediately GRAB THE ATTENTION of your audience · 3 Proven methods to quickly ORGANIZED your contents so that it’s easy for you to remember and simple for your audience to understand. · Proven tips to maximize your body posture, eye contact and voice to always be able to create a positive atmosphere and positive energy in your audience. · How to structure your words so that your audience say “YES !” · How to CLOSE your presentation so that you leave your audience with HIGH IMPACT Methodology : Public speaking is a skill. Therefore, it needs to be practiced. During this days, each time they learn a new techniques and method, all participants will get opportunity to APPLY and PRACTICE immediately. All participants will be given practical tips for improvement on the spot and will be guided step by step so that after training, all participants will be really feel the improvement.

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